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Gripper selection program

Gripper selection program

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Cavity protection

Spraying, flooding, fogging, and air-mix / air-less.

As a leading supplier in the automobile production industry, IPR not only develops components, processes and application technologies on a worldwide basis but also sets up complete plants for innovative cavity protection. Our spraying, flooding, fogging, and air-mix/air-less processes provide customers with precision harmonized solutions for efficient corrosion protection of car chassis. What makes our range unique is the variety of spraying, fogging and air-mix/air-less processes combined with the development of customized nozzles and robot-controlled hot or cold flooding process.


The spraying process at IPR covers the complete range of application techniques for protective wax layers on sprayable car bodies. Regardless of whether cavity protection is carried out manually, using robots or statically, the targeted application of the material using a range of different nozzles meets all customer requirements in terms of flexibility and ease of maintenance. The in-house development and manufacture of nozzles allows us to achieve maximum quality for openings and geometries. All components feature exceptional precision and reliability in continuous operation and can achieve perfect coating results.

  • High level of flexibility
  • Outstanding ease of maintenance
  • Targeted material application


Flutverfahren mit Flutrahmen

The hot or cold flooding process for floodable car bodies provides you with versatile processes for fully automated cavity protection. All IPR technologies deliver maximum performance and increase efficiency both in terms of saving energy, material and space, and in terms of converting equipment to increase flexibility with different types of frames. We use our versatile product portfolio to configure a customized system for your flooding processes.

  • Process reliability
  • High quality
  • Full automation
  • Hot or cold flooding


With the fogging process, IPR developed an innovative atomization technology for corrosion protection of entire car bodies. Particularly complex and difficult-to-access geometries, such as sills, can be protected perfectly with the new process. The specific droplet size, velocity and distribution even allow coating when pointing away from the fogging flow, such as for undercuts.

  • Small footprint
  • High level of flexibility
  • Low consumption
  • Cold application
  • High efficiency



Air-mix / air-less

Sprühverfahren: Air-Mix Air-Less Applikation

Using the robot, our air-mix / air-less process applies the protective wax layer to attachment parts, doors and flaps. The combined air-mix / air-less application head delivers targeted “small” coverage of weld and solder seams as well as targeted “surface” coverage for welding spots, laminations and screw connections – in the same application without exchanging nozzles or tools.

  • High level of flexibility
  • Material savings
  • Seam coating
  • Surface coating