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Gripper selection program

Gripper selection program

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All data measured at 6bar

Tools for seam sealing

For sealing and preservation highly viscous sprayable materials, e.g. PVC plastisols, are used in order to protect the body from corrosion caused by water ingress. The sealing material will therefore be applied on the overlapping sheets and edges. In this field we have developed innovative products that significantly contribute to improve the plant availability and flexibility.


2D-NAD jet plate changer

Especially developed system for the frequently changing of application nozzles in PVC sealing.

  • Integrated bayonet catch for reliable docking and undocking
  • Equipped with a variety of nozzle geometries for broad and narrow seams
  • No downtime

Tool changer for swirls or guns

Innovative tool changer system for swirl or guns inclusive posing table.

  • 2 PVC connections and 6 air connections
  • 2 connections for heating systems
  • 45 pins for 24V signal exchange
  • Material pressure: up to 350 bar

Tool changer for gel coat

Special tool changer for the application of 2 components with support of atomization air.

  • Isolated transmission of gel, hardener/acetone and atomization air across tool changer
  • The mixing of gel and hardener happens on the tool side of the changer with a static mixer
  • Gun length incl. nozzle can be adjusting via the length of the nozzle support
  • Material pressure: 105 bar (1500 PSI)
  • Air pressure: 6- 8 bar (100 PSI)