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Gripper selection program

Gripper selection program

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All data measured at 6bar

Tools for hotforming

Grippers for hot forming

The new application "hot forming of sheet metal" needs a special technology for handling process. The up to 1000°C hot sheet metal parts must be handled with special isolated heat resistant gripping tools. Even for picking up the formed 200-250°C hot parts is a need for special grippers. Especially for these applications, we have developed a complete modular system.

For technical data of the heat-resistant angular grippers see

special grippers

Handling sheet metal

The gripper shown is an example for pick up the cold sheet metal from the stack and place it on the oven line. The sheet metal is picked up by suction cups.

  • For compensation of differences in height and higher starting speed the vacuum suction cups are spring-loaded mounted
  • The hight of the stack is detected while the gripper is moved to the gripping point by a spring-loaded sensor
  • If needed, additional sensors and a double sheet detection can be installed

Handling hot sheet metal

The gripper shown is an example for pick up the 1000°C hot sheet metal from the oven line and place them into the forming process. The sheet metal is mechanically gripped with heat resistant angular gripper.

For heat protection of the installation and reduction of temperature losses the sheet metal is covered by a screen made of stainless steal. Because of the extremly high temperature electrical sensors are preferably not installed.

Handling cold sheet metal

The gripper shown is an example for picking up the 200°C warm formed parts out of the forming press. The part is picked up mechanically with heat-resistant angular grippers and removed from the mold. A heat protection screen is no longer necessary. Using the high-temperature sensors electrically the component can be queried. Also the mechanically grippers are detected with heat-resistant sensors. Depending on the line-layout the part will be placed on fictions or will be proceeded to subsquent processes. For further handlings a heat-resistant version may not be necessary because of the lower temperatures.