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Gripper selection program

Gripper selection program

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All data measured at 6bar

Tools for cavity waxing

For cavity waxing and especially for the optimization of corrosion resistance in critical areas, e. g. cavities, seams and sheet steel trimmings, two technologies are applicable: spraying and flooding. For the first one, we offer a broad range of tools. These spraying tools consist of a nozzle head or nozzle bar and individually designed spray nozzles.

Monokopf beim Sprühverfahren zur Hohlraumkonservierung

Mono nozzle head

Nozzle head with small dimensioned design for 1 nozzle.

  • Interchangeable through tool changers
  • Special model for low pressure application
  • Material pressure: 0,5 - 120 bar
4-fach Düsenwechselkopf zur Hohlraumkonservierung

Nozzle change head (DWK)

Nozzle head with supports for 4 or 6 nozzles.

  • Several process steps possible without changing the tool
  • Two versions: DWK-4 / DWK-6
  • Interchangeable by tool changers
  • Material pressure: 120 bar
Düsenbalken zur Hohlraumkonservierung

Nozzle spray bar

Robot-based nozzle bar with up to 14 nozzles.

  • Applying up to 2 nozzles at a time
  • Application: sills und underbody
  • Robot payload: 120 - 150 kg
  • Material pressure: bis 250 bar
Rotationsdüsenbalken beim Sprühverfahren zur Hohlraumkonservierung

Rotation spray bar

Rotary system with nozzle bar for stationary application.

  • Max. 4 nozzle bars at one rotary system
  • Simultaneous application of several nozzles
  • Rotary movement: +/- 360°
  • Linear movement: 400 mm
Waschmaschine zur Düsenreinigung


Numerous accessories for the spray tools are availabe.

  • Manual test station
  • Geometry control station
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Inline nozzle washing machine
Fertigung von Sprühdüsen für die Hohlraumkonservierung

Nozzle manufacturing

We develop and produce nozzle in a 3-step process:

  1. Import CAD data
  2. Simulation of the spray pattern
  3. Securing the results and defining the amount of wax by means of spray tests at our own application center

For more information about cavity protection and the technologies see cavity waxing.