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Gripper selection program

Gripper selection program

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All data measured at 6bar

TK-40-R (Robot side)

  • Flat design
  • With fail-safe spring for safe hold also in case of pressure loss
  • Transmissions of electrical signals by spring fitted contact pins
  • Coupling und uncoupling of pneumatic and hydraulic lines

Link to CAD data

Operating principle

Technical data:
Recommended max. Payload:
3 kg
Distance Center of Gravity less than:
200 mm
Weight (without options):
0.170 kg
Cylinder Bore:
19.07 mm
Air Consumption each cycle close/open:
0.03 l
Max. Tensile (static load) at 6 bar:
900 N
Max. Compressive FD (static load):
2200 N
Max. Moment Mx, My (static load) at 6 bar:
180 Nm
Max. Moment Mz (static load) at 6 bar:
270 Nm
Repeatability x, y, z-Axis:
0.025 mm
Join Force (against spring loaded Ball Cover) in join direction:
15 N
Max. permissible Axis Deviation x/y:
+/- 1 mm
Max. distance between R and T side when locking:
0.60 mm
Locking stroke:
15.50 mm
Energy transmission pneumatic (user air port):
6x M5
Energy transmission electrical (as option available):
see connector strips