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Gripper selection program

Gripper selection program

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Hannover Messe: Newly developed ISG-90-E long-stroke gripper series sets benchmarks for opening strokes, handling weights and finger lengths

The newly developed ISG-90-250-E long-stroke spindle gripper will be available in 3 sizes with a maximum stroke of up to 600 mm.

IPR - Intelligente Peripherien für Roboter GmbH successful for decades in the development and manufacture of highly functional grippers has developed the new ISG-90-250-E long-stroke spindle gripper for heavier loads.

This new product group offers a maximum stroke of 600 mm with small outer dimensions. It is also able to hold heavy loads and impresses with finger lengths exceeding 300 mm for the manufacture, assembly and handling of larger workpieces and products.
The new electric gripper with its particularly slender design is a base thanks to an aluminum profile developed by IPR. A counter-rotating trapezoidal spindle ensures the parallel movement of the jaws and eliminates the need for additional synchronization. The self-locking spindle also ensures continued gripping force in the event of motor failure.
The newly developed ISG-90-E gripper series offers significant flexibility thanks to its electric drive, as this enables the gripping forces to be programmed freely for different object sizes. The new grippers can be equipped with a position measuring system as an option. This means that every stroke position is available in µm-range along with the information from the drive.