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Gripper selection program

Gripper selection program

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Company history

1989: Foundation

In 1989, Petra Söhner-Doll founded IPR - Intelligente Peripherien für Roboter in Schwaigern. In the same year Dr. Theo Doll joined the management of the company on which he has had a crucial influence through his technological development work. In 1993 Fredy Doll joined the management as managing director. Since 2017 Fredy Doll and Thomas Kollmar have been the managing directors of the company.

From 1989: Automation modules ready for series production

As a new market player in the field of automation technology, our company started out in 1989 with the design, assembly and distribution of compliance wirsts and alignment devices. In 1991, we became sales partner of the US company Robohand/Destaco and were granted exclusive distribution rights for their gripper range in Germany. In 1992 we launched load limiters in the market: introduction of the ULS/ULD series. By then, all manufacturing was carried out in house in addition to design and assembly. In 1996 we began with the production of tool changing systems with the TK series. In 2001 we added the gripper product range and introduced the RPG and IRP series. Since then we have expanded this product area with twelve further gripper series.

The nine product areas of our standard components are being continuously expanded and numerous sizes are added to cover the spectrum of different load ranges.

From 1997: Customised solutions

In 1997 we used our experience in the development of standard modules to develop our first customised solution: We produced the liner grippers for loading and unloading die-casting machines for casting engine blocks. Between 1998 and 1999 we expanded the product range in the foundry area with more special designs, e.g. an loading gripper to place a finished sand core package into the mould. The first components for cavity waxing were launched in 2000. Today we are leading in this technology and work with the large automotive manufacturers. In 2010 we also started producing components for the automotive industry in the area of press shop for hot forming and body shop.

The department for customer-specific solutions has been expanded continuously since 1997. We have customised and implemented numerous products to individual customer requirements from a great variety of industries, continuously developing these technologies further.

From 2000: Internationalisation

In 2000 we started working towards an international positioning with the foundation of a subsidiary in the US. In 2005 we expanded further with our worldwide representations and opened sales subsidiaries in China and France. Today 16 sales partners represent us in many countries worldwide.

From 2006: Introduction of 7th axes

In 2006 we introduced 7th axes for industrial robots in the market. Today this area already comprises five other product groups. The longest installed 7th axes is 72 metres long and allows the machining and painting of rotor blades for wind power systems using robots. To date, IPR has sold over 1,500 7th axes worldwide.

2008: Expansion of production and assembly

In 2008 we built a production and assembly shop at the headquarters in Schwaigern. This is where we manufacture innovative, high quality products with state-of-the-art production methods.

2010: New components for press shop and hot forming

Special handling systemsfor applications at temperatures between 200° C and 1,000° C.

2014: Further internationalization (USA, China, Brazil)

IPR expands growth in selected markets.

2015: IPR arranges succession with HANNOVER Finanz

Reorganization of the partner structure and further growth with support from the equity capital partner HANNOVER Finanz Gruppe.

2016: Intensifying the business field of cavity waxing

Innovative fogging, spraying and cold flooding processes offer efficient protection against corrosion on the vehicle body.

06/16/2016: Breaking ground for new headquarters, Eppingen

Start of construction in the Eppingen Technology Park for the new company headquarters in Eppingen.

03/06/2017: Move into new headquaters, Eppingen

After eight months construction time, IPS moves into its new headquarters in the Eppingen Technology Park.

2017: New business field concrete 7th axis

IPR manufactures 7th axes from concrete instead from metal. The new concrete 7th axis is inexpensive and sustainable and minimizes vibrations.

2017: In-house exhibition and opening ceremony for new headquaters, Eppingen

250 guests took the opportunity to take a look at the new building for IPR and product innovations were presented as concrete 7th axis.