Z-Axis Compliance Device

The position compensation takes place vertically via ball guide free from play alternatively in course direction or in pressure direction. The compression strength can be strengthened by the additional control of the pneumatic cylinder. For the monitoring of a starting and/or adding  movement, the base plate is drove out; for the monitoring of a withdrawal operation drove in.*) With fast procedure movements the cylinder should also be subjected with pressure, in order to block the mechanism. With the help of a sensor the movement of the plate is detected.
*) only with option “bolted piston rod”

Z-Axis compliance devices can be combined with a compliance wrist in the simplest manner. In this way they can be used universally for tolerance compensation of misalignments with simultaneous fault recognition for monitoring.

  • Compensation for different vertical positions
  • Collision recognition in Z-direction
  • Protection of parts and work pieces
  • Monitoring of the insertion forces during assembly operations
  • Monitoring of the picking forces when removing parts from clamping fixtures or trays
  • Fault recognition